Visiting the New Forest

Many people consider that when taking a holiday in their home country, they do not require travel insurance. This could prove to be a false economy should your holiday be cancelled. Also, if your holiday in the New Forest has any element of risk – such as in injury during adventure and sporting activities, travel insurance provides cover. Undertaking a travel insurance comparison when booking a holiday in a wonderful destination such as New Forest is as important as finding the best accommodation for your budget.

The New Forest is one of the most beautiful areas of England. Located in Hampshire, one of the southern counties, the forest covers an area of 220 square miles abutting the coast.

The area is a mix of heath land, scrubland and mature forest, traversed by a few rivers, the main one being Beaulieu. There are numerous small villages within the boundaries of the park and a few significant towns, like Lymington, around the edges.

New Forest Activities

The New Forest is one of England’s premier tourist destinations because not only is it an area of outstanding natural beauty and a National Park, but there is a mass of activities for all ages and tastes.

The beauty and wildlife attracts nature lovers. As well as the forested area, there's the coast to enjoy, and river banks to stroll along. Birdwatchers can spot warblers, larks, lapwings, curlews, buzzard and hawks. Wildlife lovers can try and spot the New Forest ponies, and if lucky, the shy deer. Along with the animals in the forest, there are the New Forest Reptile Centre and New Forest Wildlife Park.

The geography lends itself perfectly to hikers and walkers, and outdoors sports lovers enthuse about the facilities. Activities are on land – cycling, horse riding, the rivers – kayaking, fishing, and at the beach – swimming, sailing, water skiing and windsurfing. There are a number of excellent golf courses open to guests, and if some days the weather is not so great, there are leisure centres with indoor pools and activities.